About the Wash Trade

Wash trading is a process whereby a trader buys and sells a security for the express purpose of feeding misleading information to the market.

Wash trading and ill-intentioned behaviours are the leading problems deterring new users from entering the NFT ecosystem.

The most impactful way to strengthen the NFT platform is with wash-trade detection and flagging models because Collectors and Traders are unable to make informed decisions.


Detect Wash Trades

We are building a detailed knowledge graph of the complete NFT transaction history including transfers, wallet addresses, and reward token distributions.

  • Building a DataSet

    With this dataset, we can train models to detect, flag and grade malicious or suspicious traders.

  • Detect the Patterns

    This will drastically increase platform trust by detecting and stopping wash trading in a manner that is fast, reliable and scalable.

  • Increase Trust & Safety

    We’re going to increase trust and safety across the NFT platform and ecosystem utilizing a combination of knowledge graphs, predictive analytics and deep learning.

How It's Made?

Agent Ransack acting as a watchdog that flags the spoofing transactions between the traders that manipulates both volume and price of the assets in the NFT ecosystem.


Build Knowledge Graph

Built the knowledge graph of all the NFT transactions where we identified multiple (wash trading) patterns within the transactions.


Detect WashTrade Patterns

With transaction history, we detect a Loop aka Self trade Cycle (2 or 3 traders),a Cycle with Sub-cycles (more than 3 traders).


Flag Spoofing Transactions

Flagged spoofing transactions as suspicious, thereby preventing the marketplace's rewards mining system from sending the rewards to wallets.

Our Milestones

We’ve hit a bottleneck in the human capital which provides our platform support concept and business plan.

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